SOULutions for LIFE





"Dr. Nadler has a VERY POWERFUL ABILITY TO QUICKLY SEE into the essence of a situation, sum it up, and then zero in on EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED to clear away blocks and let the soul shine through.”…Carol E. Dubs, CFO, Connecticut


“What is so amazing is how quickly and easily she GOT TO THE CORE OF MY INNER BLOCKS and transformed them.”…J. Turcotte, Translator/Book illustrator, Canada


“Working with Dr. Nadler has changed my life!..My WORK! There is almost no more stress...My PERSONAL LIFE! I have met a man who adores me and I can appreciate the love...My COMPETITIVE LIFE! I have won two World Championships in power lifting.”…Beth Grater, World Champion Power-lifter, High School Principal, New York


"I thought I would never GET OVER MY FATHER'S DEATH and somehow I was honoring him being sad all the time.  I was even taking anti-depressants for over 16 months.  I would never have realized every thing he stood for and he wanted for me, I am working to make happen, now.  Thank you, Dr. Nadler." .

..Ashley Millerton, Property Developer, London


"Unique and INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE. The value of this work goes beyond what I even imagined.  I regularly refer colleagues to Dr. Nadler with excellent results reported.”… Andrew Solomon, VP Master Card, New York


“We EARNED ABOVE expected gains for this year working with Dr. Nadler and added millions of dollars to our bottom line!”…Luis Wertman CEO Valman International, Mexico


"I am clear and confident about what my purpose is, my why and my message.  As a result, i am loving what I do and I just signed my first 3K client and they said THANK YOU, to ME!  Thank you, Dr. Denise for giving me this gift." ...Tom Silio, Coach Your Business, California


“Dr. Nadler offers extremely valuable tools to address the emotional aspect of healing and I HAVE REFERRED many of MY PATIENTS to her.  They have had amazing results, some of which I could hardly believe.”

…Dr. Robban Sica, Medical Physician, Connecticut


"We have a tighter team and THE FASTEST RISING STATISTICS since we started working with Dr. Nadler.  We are much more productive, communicating better and having a good time accomplishing our goals.”

…Bill Sumner, CFO, New York


“I thought because I wasn't showing my emotions, I wasn't bothered.  Boy was I wrong.  I didn't know how much it was costing me to stay angry and resentful.  Hard to believe I am feeling THANKFUL TO THE PEOPLE I SPENT YEARS HATING.  Wow!”…Ted F. Senior Account Manager, Johnson & Johnson, Inc. New York


“I felt stagnant and stuck in the comfort zone and basically unhappy before my first session.  In only a few sessions I am feeling great!  I am INSPIRED and producing fantastic results in my business. I feel closer to my girlfriend. I am back in the gym taking care of my self and LIFE IS GREAT.”  ...Richard T., Restaurateur, NY

"After THINKING I LOST EVERYTHING, you helped me find my self-worth again and a mission and purpose I believe in.  You helped me realize that everything happened had, as you say, a divine hidden order.   I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN."... Karl Oleanni, CEO, Ireland


"All of sudden I have FOUR NEW CLIENTS this week after not have one for months.  Dr. Denise, you found the doorway and gave me the key.  This is true transformation." ... Stacy Sherren, Fitness for Life Coach, Australia


“I have progressed in leaps and bounds.  Dr. Nadler offers the fastest and MOST ACCURATE methods I have ever known.” …Daniele Newman, Real Estate Agent, Florida





"Dr. Denise Nadler is a MASTERFUL SPEAKER, with a powerful message from the heart. She blends innate understanding with practical knowledge. She helps us think and see more clearly. She is uplifting and inspirational. HER MESSAGE EMPOWERS US to achieve greater health, wealth and happiness.".

...Dr. Virgil Chrane, President International Alphabiotics Association, Texas


"Dr. Nadler feels her audience and conveys tangible, shared, heartfelt experience. I have heard her speak to large groups of professionals’ dozens of times and have seen her achieve STANDING OVATIONS. I have, and I encourage you to not hesitate to UTILIZE HER UNIQUE TALENTS for your organization’s needs."

....Dr. Scott Walker, Founder and Developer of NET, California


"Dr. Denise Nadler is an EFFECTIVE and FASCINATING seminar presenter and coach. Many of my employees have only limited understanding of English, yet somehow they were able to get a tremendous amount out of her programs. We have become more focused and calm and expanded our VISION AND PURPOSE. "

Luis Wertman, President Valman International, Mexico City, Mexico


"Dr. Nadler’s delivery was factual, motivational and informative. Her audience was totally engrossed in her WORDS OF WISDOM as evidenced by their on-going documentation and notes. At the end of her presentation, Dr. Nadler received a very lengthy standing ovation."…DeAna Warren, Practice Quality Control, Georgia


"Dr. Denise Nadler gave an OUTSTANDING PRESENTATION. Her ability to crystallize spiritual principles and to dramatically combine them with ‘how to’ tips is second to none."…Dr. Yann Savy, Chiropractor, Australia


"Thank you for giving a talk that was both INSPIRING and ENLIGHTENING. You have been blessed with the ability to speak and we are grateful that you were able to share with us. The feedback has been extremely positive. I hope that we can have you back many more times in the future."

…Dr. Filamena Larocca, President of PVCS, Massachusetts


"Our heartfelt thanks for sharing your enlightening and informative program. Those who attended the event praised your presentation, your positive energy and your passion. Thank you for sharing your KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM with us."…Marion Fund Vrusho, Chair of Unitarian Univeralist Society, Connecticut


 “We have a tighter team and THE FASTEST RISING STATISTICS since we started working with Dr. Nadler.  We are much more productive, communicating better and having a  good time accomplishing our goals.”

…Bill Sumner, Corporate Manager, New York





“I experienced A MIRACLE.  You helped me raise myself FROM THE DEPTH OF DESPAIR TO HOPE AND LOVE, when I needed it most in my life.  You helped me see what was there.  You are a blessing. 

Thank you....Jackie D’Elia, Accountant, Stamford, Connecticut


“Ten Years of therapy and I lived daily with intense anger towards my mother.  I am amazed and yet it is true, I absolutely have been able to see that I love my mother and there is nothing that exists anymore to stand in the way of that.”...Tina Semlow, Computer Analyst, Virginia Beach, Virginia.


“I can hardly believe it, but I am now on course to manifest my dream of being an architect that I had laid to rest 15 years ago.  I had almost forgotten that after I gave up on that dream, my headaches started.  No more headaches and my future looks bright”...Matt Ralston, Accts Manager, Toledo, Ohio


“I now know with certainty that I have gained in ways that WILL IMPACT MY LIFE FOREVER.  There’s no going back...and no more excuses remain.  I can now go forward with LOVE AND GRATITUDE and do what I would love to do.  The collapse process allowed me to experience an overpowering feeling of relief, gratitude and love”...Patty Shea, Nurse, New Haven, Connecticut


‘This program allowed me to become more in touch with my ‘higher self’ helping me TO SEE THE TRUE MAGNIFICENCE that surrounds me and in fact... IS ME!  My thanks to Dr. Nadler for her guidance through the process’….Dr. Richard G. Volgraf, Chiropractor, Phila., Pa. 


 “This program is an inspiring experience that truly allows people to break through the mental and emotional blocks that stand in the way of them having what they want in their life.  Dr. Nadler is an illuminating teacher.  I experienced a true breakthrough in my life and witnessed RADIANT TRANSFORMATION of the other attendees.  I recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow.”...Barbara Nicholson, Designer, Ohio


“Thank you for sharing this experience with me. You have elicited the understanding that I have been seeking.  Thank you for being a teacher.  The experience BROADENED AND REINFORCED MY PURPOSE, shedding yet another layer and reinforcing my desire to follow my divine design and purpose.  I am so grateful for your presence in my life”...Liz Simoes, Nurse, Phila., Pa.


“Thank you for this amazing experience.  You are a very special teacher and person.  I will use what I have learned here to FINALLY BEGIN TO LIVE.”...Norman Beer, Entrepreneur, Forest Hills, New York


“This is a magical weekend where you, through nature, sound and music, connect to yourself as a whole person.  You make a connection with the universe and experience the realization that you and others are stars living side by side in order to create this beautiful picture in the sky.  Through your own experiences and the experiences of others, you learn and grow, search and know.”…Joann Meunier, Entrepreneur, Canada


“This program allows you to unleash all ones hidden desires and potential and to manifest them by creative expression, dance, interaction, journeys of the mind, playing of instruments and sharing one’s feelings”…Michele Rose, Real Estate Paralegal, New York


“The program brings you higher than you can imagine.  It reveals who you are and gives you a new dimension.  Put wings to your brain and fly”…Dr. Jasmin R. Pitre, Chiropractor, Canada


“By experiencing this program I came to a realization that I can heal the relationships in my life.  The weekend has opened my awareness and has given me tools to work with in my everyday life.  It is an experience about our real selves and others.  A healing and loving experience”…Sharron, Artist, Canada


“This is a rich program that helped me get in touch with my inner voice, my inner light.  It is a spiritual retreat that connects one to self, nature and the universe.”... John Vanderwhitte, High School Counselor, Wa.


“Thank you for helping me to become more centered and certain in the present-more aware of God’s presence all around.  Realizing the talents and magnificence I’ve not yet explored --definitely changed my life.”...Dr. Dustin Thomas, Chiropractor, author, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


“Just when I think I’ve ‘done it all’, your innovative mind and playful heart put together an opportunity to be humbled and returned to innocence once again.  From the way you merged left brain learning with right brain creativity, encompassing the light, color, sound and nature that is a part of our world, I got to see myself with new eyes.  Thank you for your vision.”...Dr. Rosemarie Monaco, Chiropractor, Florida  


“Thank you for a transformational journey and experience. I cannot express all I felt this weekend with mere words.”...Karen Riccio, administrative assistant, Hicksville, New York


“This was an amazing experience I didn’t think I would ever have the visions I did or discover these new things about myself.” ...Jackie age 14, student, Hicksville, New York


“Intriguing-a fascinating mélange of spiritual tools culled from various primitive cultures, overlaid on our modern situations and understandings, a valuable step in the journey.”... Dentist, Bethal, Connecticut


“This is one of the most powerful weekends I have ever experienced. It gives you many opportunities over the weekend to re-connect with your true self and your soul. It enhances the best of you that is often hidden behind a mask. It teaches you how to re-create your life the way you would love it to be. This weekend brought back the essence of who I really am.  It gave me back my power that I had given away from not understanding.  If the persons in front of you are your mirrors, I love what I see.   Thank you for making this possible for all of us and for following your inspirations.”...Rachel Blouin, Naturopath, inspired artist, Canada


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"Be Extraordinary. Be Brilliant.  Be YOU.  It's Time."
.. Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler
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