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The philosophy of the Laser Mentor CoachingTM work is based on the mind-body-spirit connection. Science has proven without a doubt that the way we think and feel impacts upon our over-all state of well-being and our health, as well as our ability to create what we want in life. Through more than two decades of working with clients and years of personal experience, we recognize that what stands in a the way of person getting exactly what they want - whether it be a health objective or life success outcome - it generally comes down to identifying and transforming limiting beliefs or creating new strategy.  More often then not, we see that it is a combination of both.   




     A limiting belief is also referred to as an emotional charge or a self-sabotaging program. It is an automatic way we think or perceive our self, others or life to be that interferes with our ability to feel empowered, confident, willing and/or motivated to do whatever it takes to reach our ultimate potential and experience the life we want to live. 
"I never would have been able to figure out and get rid of the beliefs I had that were keeping me from getting a promotion -- because of something that happened over 30 years ago .  I can’t believe that only two days after our last session, I got the new position I wanted!”… A. Balentine, National Account Manager, NY
     Experts believe that most of our limiting beliefs have been learned by the time we are the age of five!  These programs are then ‘recorded’ in the brain and become a part of how we automatically react to life, people and situations..but there are ways to ‘reprogram’ the computer brain. 
        One of the most common limiting beliefs or programs is 'If only they would change (or be different) then my life would improve (I would be happy)'. The problem with this limiting belief is that it is a 'self fulfilling negative prophecy'.
        Truly, we cannot change any one. Consider how difficult it is to change the things in life you want to change, such as, quitting smoking, saving money, starting exercise, etc. How can we ever expect or wait for some one or some thing to change before we can be okay, if we are often unable to make the changes in our own life that we want to make?  So, what can you do?
        Limiting beliefs can show up as simple emotions or feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment, worry, sadness, depression, dread, etc. or as thoughts such as ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I’m not good (smart, successful, attractive…) enough’ or even ‘No matter what I do it always turns out that way for me’.  With our simple method, the origin of your limiting beliefs can be identified and removed and replaced with a desired program of thought.      
       If you have ever heard ‘the definition of insanity is doing that same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result’, then you can understand why implementing a new strategy is so essential to getting what you want.  However, unless we identify and remove limiting beliefs we are often blocked from discovering the steps needed to take, and even if we do, our self-sabotaging programs will stand in the way. 
 “I have always known I had more inside me then I was living but I let the unresolved pain of my childhood keep me from my greatness.  It is amazing to see the other side to all I have been through and to appreciate my self in a new way.  Nothing can stop me now."  …Lori Porter, Regional Account Manager, CT
      One of the unique aspects to what we do with Laser Mentor CoachingTM is to quickly assist you in gaining access to the negative limiting belief ‘files’ stored in your computer brain.  These self-sabotaging files are often hidden from awareness but lurk in the shadow of our mind and come with us wherever we go, popping up unconsciously and interfering with clear thoughts and purposeful action.  Once we find the programs, we have the tools to ‘delete’ and ‘erase’ the files and then ‘install’ new desired files as our perceptions and actions shift. 
      Fortunately, once we discover and remove the inner blocks, we can identify new strategies that had not been previously considered and we are now better able to devise and implement effective action.  To state another commonly used expression, ‘sometimes we cannot see the forest through the trees’ and this is why having the insight and input from your private coach and mentor will accelerate your success.  We will map out with precision and detail the exact path to where you want to be and support you in your ongoing growth.


      What we offer is a simple way for you to alter your inner programs so that YOU respond to people, situations and circumstances differently. Yes, it is possible for you to SEE things in a new light and therefore, not feel the need for the outside world to be ANY different but rather you can direct your life and your state of being by shifting the way you feel and see things from the inside out.  That is what we can help you do--fast and easy.
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