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Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler and Healing Integrations offers several extraordinary services to address you and your family's various health and wellness needs. 



We believe that 'the power that made the body is the power that heals the body from above, down, inside out' and our techniques are designed to bring out the best in you  -- so that you live with powerful health, abundant energy and a state of wellness.  



We are here to help you bring greater balance into your life as you enhance your well-being through the 'triangle of health' that includes the physical, biochemical and mental/emotional aspects of health and healing.  When we work with all three together, we call it "Integrated Wellness Care". 



Integrated Health Care Services:   




For Physical Body Stress    Your brain, spinal cord and your nervous system control all the functions of the body, any spinal bone that moves out of alignment due to physical stress can cause pressure on the nerves and lead to symptoms, pain, improper function and disease in the body.  Through specific Spinal Adjustments we are able to release the healing power that flows through the spinal nerves and helps the body gain back balance and better function.  This procedure can relieve pain (including back, neck, head, shoulder, knee, ankle, head and more), restore health (including relief from sinus conditions, allergies, ear infections, chronic colds, headache, digestive problems and other immune system disorders) and enhance wellness (including more vitality, energy and a general mental and emotional state of well-being).  Chiropractic spinal adjustments have been offered for over a hundred years and profoundly impact on overall health.  There is no therapeutic treatment or modality  that can replicate what this does.  We offer a wide variety of spinal adjustment techniques to accommodate everyone from a newborn baby to a 90-year-old! Click here to learn more about The Energy Connection



For Biochemical, Environmental and Nutritional Stress    We can identify imbalances of the various body systems that can effect proper biochemical balance and help restore harmony to those systems.  We access nutritional needs and can determine what will best assist in building and maintaining healthy tissues and cells by using a technique called Total Body Modification. This scientifically based tool uses specific muscle testing directed at certain parts of the body to identify any imbalances and correct them naturally. This technique can bring balance and restoration to organ and muscular function.   Whole food natural nutritional products and other essentials are also available, if needed.



For Mental and Emotional Stress    We use cutting edge tools and techniques including The Neuro-Emotional Technique and E.F.T. and others that have been developed for the specific purpose of assisting in dramatic healing transformation.  The tools used will be s they release the stress on the body and the mind that has been caused by challenging and negative experiences, damaging thoughts and feelings, as well as the impact of emotionally stressful events in our lives.  These stresses can be stored as 'programs' in the 'mind-body' and frequently trigger physical symptoms or pain and discomfort in the body, block healing, cause tension and also interfere with personal and professional success.  This is often the 'secret ingredient' to why Dr. Nadler get results when other forms of health care do not produce long term relief and sustained healing.  Once identified and released there can be a dramatic shift, at times that felt very quickly, to  the nervous system function which transforms how a person feels and thinks.  The result is a healthier attitude and an awesome state of well-being.   For additional information about our tools and techniques for mental and emotional stress click here: Mind Body Transformation Tools



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