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track 1: The Heart Knows The Truth
track 2: Dare To Live Your Dreams
track 3: Our Love's Unending
track 4: Shine the Light
track 5: You Are The Ocean

track 1: It's Time
track 2: Dreams Don't Die
track 3: Freedom (with the quartz crystal bowl)
track 4: Le Coeur Sait La Verite
track 5: Know The Power
track 6: Be Still
track 7: Eres El Oceano
track 8: She Said
track 9: I Am
track 10: The Space Where Spirit Soars



Learn more about the music and the quartz crystal bowl. Click here: About the music


If you are interested in having these CD's in your collection...

All of this music has been lovinging created and infused with healing energy to touch the spirit and open the heart to inspiration, joy and abundance.

We would love for you to have them.  We encourage you to:

Listen to each song.  

Learn the lyrics.  

Comtemplate their meaning in your life and let them awaken your own creative spirit.

$18 Denise Taylor
$25 Ariahna - Voice of Spirit



Buy both CD's for only $35 plus  $3.95 for shipping & handling in the US.  Please send us an email for shipping & handling information to your location.  

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