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The term “Life Coach” has been popular in the last decade and because Dr. Denise Nadler is known as a Mind Body Integration specialist, involved in mind-body-spirit and transformational work and the developer of Whole Brain Harmonization and Laser Mentor Coaching for nearly 20 years, this question about whether or not she is a Life Coach comes up.  The response is, “That depends on your definition”.  What she does is quite different from what most coaches or life coaches do, though there are certain similarities.


What about credentials?


In undergraduate school and in order to receive a Chiropractic license, psychology is a necessary course of study. The reality is that a large percentage of people who call themselves a coach or life coach have no license or degree which has put them through rigorous training and intensive testing to earn the right to offer guidance and direction to others. This does not mean these people cannot make a difference.  Dr. Nadler believes if a person is merely one step ahead with their knowledge and growth, they can facilitate the journey of another.  She also believe no person must have it all ‘figured out’ in order to be of assistance to others.

Nonetheless, one of the challenges any coach or practitioner has is to have done enough personal work on themselves so that their opinions do not interfere or dictate the direction they assist their clients in moving in.  In other words, 'what the coach values' and 'what is important' to them, even if it is quite different from what the client values and wants, has nothing to do with their ability to help the client experience a breakthrough in their lives.  However, it's important they do not project their own beliefs on their client.  This type of work is very personal and only you can determine who is right for you to work with.

As a chiropractor and a mentor, coach and teacher, Dr. Denise Nadler has over 20 years of clinical experience working with thousands of individuals.  After completing undergraduate college and over six years of formal higher education, as well as a multitude of advanced trainings and certification programs and rigourous testing, she become board certified and nationally licensed.  

She is licensed as a chiropractic physician in the state of Connecticut and has been well trained to work with people to achieve their health and wellness objectives.  Health and wellness includes meeting our goals and desires for success in any area of life as much as physical well being is. Furthermore, she has been trained by and assisted at the trainings of some of the most influential personal development, life enhancement teachers in the world, including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. John F. Demartini and T. Harv Eker.

When someone comes to her for chiropractic care, they have the option of utilizing her wide array of services to enrich any and all areas of their life. If you are looking for a Life Coach, to empower and expand your life, Mentor Coaching will offer you an opportunity to experience the transformation you are seeking.

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"Be Extraordinary. Be Brilliant.  Be YOU.  It's Time."
.. Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler
Business Strategist ~ Personal Growth & Healing Catalyst
Laser Mentor Coach & Intuitive Healer
Internationally acclaimed Transformational Teacher &Thought Leader  
Connecticut. New York. Worldwide.
Demartini Method Training Program Teacher
Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
Breakthrough Experience Program Teacher