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Laser Mentor Coaching is about the power of ‘synergy’ in which two minds together tap in to greater creativity, greater vitality and greater power than you would have working through things and towards objectives on your own.  It’s about having some one on your team who is totally there to make sure you win.  If you already have a team, and don’t have a Laser Mentor CoachTM, you are missing an important member!
What is a Mentor?  According to Greek mythology, Mentor was the loyal advisor and friend of Odysseus and the teacher of his son. With Dr. Nadler as your Mentor you will have this and more.
What is a Coach?  According to the Dictionary, 'a coach is a private tutor who prepares someone in a subject or for an examination'.  According to Fortune Magazine, 'a coach is part consultant, part sounding board, part manager whose job is to advise, motivate and train'.
Some BENEFITS of Laser Mentor Coaching with Dr. Nadler ... 


  • Clear self-sabotaging patterns of belief and mental and emotional blocks and limitations that keep you from being, doing and having what you want in life
  • On-going inspiration, transformation and support 
  • Develop more certainty, focus and consistent action 
  • Refine and master communication and management skills for professional and personal challenges and success 
  • Identify and transform the exact issues interfering with you doing, being and having what you want in any area of life
  • Provide you with the tools so you can quickly move through any blocks and continue to grow
  • Develop a more profound connection to your inner voice and learn to listen to your heart
  • Clear direction to take you through dialogue for handling even the most difficult relationships 
  • Identify concrete objectives and chunk them down into doable, scheduled and accomplished action steps
  • Shift your perceptions and emotional charges to have more self mastery and empowerment
  • Clarify your highest values and link them to what you want to create, and to your  mission and purpose
  • Get organized and prioritized
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and delegate
  • Resolve conflicts and master communication skills
  • Increase confidence and be guided to peak performance and major breakthroughs in all areas
  • Receive guidance and specific techniques to inspire you and help you bust loose of inner inertia, self sabotage and unconscious blocks 
  • Gain profound insight, new ideas and expand the way you think and how you take action in your life
  • Experience freedom from past pain and negative emotions, beliefs, perceptions, judgments and thoughts 
  • Gather specific instruction, clarification and training that reinforces your exact desired ongoing outcomes
  • Develop strategic planning and implementation towards greater success 
  • Clarify direction and manifest the life you love NOW   ….and MORE….



If you are studying The Demartini material, are in training for facilitator certification or certified as a Demartini Facilitator, you will have the benefit of the dynamics of working with a Master Teacher/Trainer/Facilitator who has two decades experience working with clients and teaching all around the world.  You will gain a clients perspective and receive insights, clarifications and refinements while you have your own breakthroughs as well as get clear direction and assistance for developing your own coaching business.  *Receive assistance working through YOUR charges.  *Get questions answered about the The Demartini Method® with finer detail and distinctions.  *Get questions answered about The Breakthrough Experience® program with clarity and understanding.  *Develop refinements for working with your clients using The Demartini Method® ...and more..


Read more about this coaching here:

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Why would YOU want a Laser Mentor Coach?   

By working with Dr. Nadler, you are getting an advisor, friend and teacher with whom you can ‘download’ your inner conflicts and difficulties and know that she will truly listen and hear.  Not only that but she will gently, yet powerfully find the ways for you to quickly shake loose and break free of any limitation so you can get what you want in all areas of life. 

 How does the Laser Mentor CoachingTM process work?

We work together either by skype, telephone or in person at a pre-scheduled appointment time. You have the option of choosing from one of our available programs.  In selecting a program you are committing to our work together. The benefits to choosing a program are:  You receive priority scheduling.  You build momentum, thereby increasing the probability of tangible results faster. You may also choose to book individual sessions as Dr. Nadler's schedule permits.  

Some areas of life that can be enhanced with Laser Mentor Coaching...
Work and Career:  whether you want to get ahead in your present job, expand your own business, or completely shift professional directions, we will identify and clarify your objectives, remove the inner obstacles and create a compelling picture that will motivate and allow you to get exactly what you want. 
Relationships and Social Life: whether you want to attract a new relationship, improve one you have or move on from a current relationship (romantic, platonic or business) we can fill your life with the sense of connection, love and joy you desire by transforming your perception of your self and how you relate to others.  You will develop appropriate boundaries and communication skills to accurately and effortlessly express yourself, with a sense of empowerment. 
Health and Wellness: whether you want to stop doing something that interferes with your health, vitality, energy and sense of well-being or start doing something that will allow you to create a greater picture of wellness and prevent health problems in the future, we can find and let go of whatever stands in the way of you attaining and maintaining the best positive level of health and wellness.
Finances and Wealth Building: whether you are at the beginning (and it is never too late to start) of creating your financial future or you want to take your wealth to a whole new level, we can identify and remove the limiting beliefs that keep you where you are, and we assist you in creating awesome strategies to insure that you will achieve what you desire
Spiritual Life and Being Who You Are:  whether you believe it or not, there is a power inside you that has infinite potential.  It is an essential part of who you are .  This life force within animates the physical form.  The body without this powerful force is not alive.  You do not have to be religious or even ascribe to a specific lifestyle to re-awaken to your spirit and live with a greater sense of who you are, why you are here and what you want to be, do and have.  You have access to this awesome power right now and this work is designed to take you deeper into your self awareness, knowledge, certainty and clear direction so you live what you are destined to live.  Connect more fully with the Power within... the Spirit, the Soul, the Self and empower your life with more gratitude, love, accomplishment and fulfillment then you might have ever anticipated.   Learn more about this here:  Mastery of the Self
 What are you waiting for?
To find out how more about the special way Laser Mentor CoachingTM  works,

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