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  Your heart knows your TRUE PURPOSE 

You can UNCOVER the TEACHINGS and MESSAGES of your life,

Recognize the HIDDEN ORDER, Embrace the PERFECTION,





and clear the pathways to LIVE those Dreams, and much more.........



Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler and Dr. John F. Demartini

A message from Dr. John F. Demartini, of The Demartini Institute, creator of The Breakthrough Experience and developer of The Demartini Method, who was recently seen in The Secret :
“Throughout my life there have emerged exceptional human beings that have left their distinctive marks in my consciousness. Individuals that have touched my heart strings or that have inspired me to probe inward to access my innermost potential.  Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler is one such special being. I have known her for nearly 25 years. Her dedication to the exploration of human potential and the perennial wisdom of the ages has been outstanding."
“She is one of a group of individuals from around the world who I have personally had the opportunity to train, certify and authorize to be able to help teach one of my signature programs on personal development - The Breakthrough Experience®. She has also been asked to assist me in the initial training and then continual coaching of some of my other trained facilitators of The Demartini Method®.
“Dr. Nadler has certainly earned the respect of the other facilitators in this now growing global community. She has mastered the details of this ground breaking method and has communicated its underlying principles with depth, crystal clarity and heart. As one of my twelve ‘Ambassadors of Wisdom’ who has disseminated the principles and applications of this method, I consider her one of the most articulate and meticulous presenters I have been honored to train. Her words of wisdom act like inspiring songs that awaken the hearts and minds that hear her important message.”
Dr. John F. Demartini
Bestselling author of ’The Breakthrough Experience - A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation’
Recently seen in ‘The Secret’ and on CNN with Larry King   



The Purpose of The Breakthrough Experience
  • To help you be grateful for what is, as it is, in your life.
  • To help you open your heart to the healing power of gratitude and love.
  • To help you know how you can have more love and fulfillment in your life.
  • To help you discover your true genius.
  • To help you develop your intuitive and reasoning powers.
  • To help you listen to the wisdom of your inner voice or soul and obey.
  • To help you identify your true value and link your actions and communications to your values so you have more congruency about who you are and what is important to you.
  • To help you attain and sustain greater vitality.
  • To help you learn The Demartini MethodTM (Quantum Collapse Process)
  • To help you clarify your chief aim, mission or purpose for life.
  • To help you plan strategies and action steps to fulfill your dreams, goals and objectives.
  • To help you implement your action steps and manifest your dreams, goals and objectives.
  • To help you realize that you can do what you love and love what you do.
The Breakthrough Experience is an intensive two-day personal and professional success program created by Dr. John F. Demartini.  It is designed to help you find the balance and magnificence in all seven areas of your life (Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Familial, Social, Physical) and help you expand your mind and open your heart to your true and inspiring purpose.
The Breakthrough Experience is an amazing two-day experience that will impact the way you see your world and life forever. It helps you breakthrough anything that is in the way of your dreams. 
It is an exceptional opportunity to deepen your exploration of life and its mysteries. It provides you direct access to your source of accomplishment, fulfillment, and spiritual expression. It assists you in getting to the heart of who you are. During these two days you examine the basis of your true identity, your false personalities and your formulas for living, relating and achieving success--and you will transform your perceptions and breakthrough your blocks so you can, live your dreams.    
Contact us to experience this program with Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler. Find out about our next upcoming program. info@HealingIntegrations.com 



The Demartini Method Effects in All Seven Areas of Life

Spiritually: The Demartini Method
Awakens your mind to a hidden order underlying the apparent chaos in your daily life
Awakens your mind to a greater intelligence governing life's events
Expands your appreciation for life and for what is, as it is
Opens your mind to truth
Opens your heart to unconditional love
Inspires and helps you see the divine magnificence
Mentally: The Demartini Method
Organizes your ideas and thoughts    
Organizes your chaotic misperceptions                           
Helps you gain wisdom                                                            
Awakens non-local communication                                      
Develops your photographic and audio graphic mind
Clears your charged memories and imaginations and their resultant ‘brain noise’
Dissolves lies
Adds certainty
Clarifies purpose
Expands your mind
Vocationally:  The Demartini Method
Adds more certainty and clarity to your direction                
Allows you to see both sides of decisions in advance           
Enhances your vision, inspiration, and purpose                   
Inspires your inner motivation
Increases wise action
Decreases foolish reaction
Financially: The Demartini Method
Helps you develop greater self-worth
Decreases your tendency to sabotage wealth
Moderates your over or under spending
Expands your time horizons thereby developing patience
Familially: The Demartini Method
Enhances your communication                                            
Adds respect and appreciation
Enhances conflict resolution
Improves relationships
Decreases blame        
Socially: The Demartini Method
Generates leadership qualities
Helps overcome fears of rejection
Adds greater reflective awareness                                     
Adds clarity to mission and direction
Dissolves fears and guilt                                                   
Adds understanding of world events 
Physically: The Demartini Method
Dissolves emotionally charged tensions                              
Adds vitality
Brings homeostasis to your internal physiology.    
Calms and relaxes muscles
Makes you feel lighter and sleep sounder
Decreases stress and its body effects





“This course is LIFE CHANGING. Come to the course, follow the program and the rewards will flow more than you could possibly imagine.”…Joann Meunier, Entrepreneur - Calgary Canada


“I experienced A MIRACLE. You helped me raise myself FROM THE DEPTH OF DESPAIR TO HOPE AND LOVE, when I needed it most in my life. You helped me see what was there. You are a blessing. Thank you.”...Jackie D’Elia, Accountant - Connecticut

 “This program is BRILLIANT and you are an amazing teacher. I have had PROFOUND SHIFTS and I know that my life will be filled with what I choose now”....Adam Arpel, Stock Broker - California

"I have new plan for my business and my life.  It is all so clear, I feel it is real right now.  The action steps I know I can and will take.  This was more than I expected and I look forward to our next meeting and continuing success."...Jose Flores, Chief Executive Officer, Mexico City, Mexico


"My husband took this progam with work and he was so different in many wonderful ways-I couldn't imagine what happened!  Now, I can feel it in my own bones that I am a new person.  I value who I am, where I came from and where I am going.  I feel so much gratitude to you, Dr. Demartini, my husband and myself.  The world needs to know these simple truths.  I will do the best I can to share them in my way."...Josee Forioe, Painter, Quebec City Canada


 "Denise Sensei is an extraordinary teacher who skillfully breaks down Dr. Demartini’s grand teachings of genius into bite size pieces so that anyone can digest them. We are so fortunate to have someone who has devoted and invested so much energy to become a rare master in this work as our teacher."...Miho Shimizu, Tokyo, Japan


"I am TRULY AMAZED with her enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, humor, love, gratitude, incredible ability to give the most accurate feedback, solid character and absolute certainty."...Sachio Okage DC, Chiropractor, Tokyo, Japan

“I am filled with awe by this only two day experience that Dr. Denise teaches with such heart and wisdom.  I have been searching to know what I have learned.  I have so much love for my family now and I AM FOREVER CHANGED.  Thank you.” ..Nila Alpier, Graphic Artist, Montreal  Canada

 “Ten Years of therapy and I lived daily with intense anger towards my mother. I am amazed and yet it is true, I absolutely have been able to see that I love my mother and there is nothing that exists anymore to stand in the way of that.”...Tina Semlow, Computer Analyst - Virginia.

“Through your guidance and non-judgmental approach I experienced a MAGICAL PHENOMENON where I and others were able to connect directly to our source of inspiration, change our negative thinking and discover unconditional love.”…Paul Legault, Dental Technician - Quebec Canada 


"Denise Sensei brings deep insight intended to evoke our realization.  Her extraordinary ability to build right energy in the atmosphere, all were filled with her wisdom and love. To be exposed to Denise’s being as she is have been THE GREATEST LEARNING FOR ME. Thank you very much."...R.H. Corporate employee, Kanagawa, Japan


"I feel I have been able to now realize my true purpose.  I can see all the messages along the way and my life is more incredible than I ever realized.  Dr. Denise as a teacher, you have OPEN MY MIND.  As a being, you have touched my life in a way I will always remember." ..Lance Reelteo, Corporate Finance Officer, London, England

"When I think about the enthusiasm and love Denise Sensei has demonstrated, her valuable experiences and profound wisdom she has lavishly shared with us, I am choked with a DEEP SENSE OF GRATITUDE." ...Shusuke Yoshida, Financial Corporate employee, Saitama, Japan

“… a deepening of my understanding of the BTE and a reverence and trust in the mystery/magic showing up. I absolutely loved the addition of the feminine energy through our facilitator/teacher. This brought further depth and grace to the work. Also, I further reinforced my life’s purpose…”   ..Pamela Mozingo, D.C.  Edinburgh, Scotland 

"I was able to say to myself for the first time “I love you”.  The experience of finally having been able to love myself and to thank myself will surely help me move forward greatly to the manifestation of my dreams and mission."...Daisuke Iwata, Chiropractor, Yokohama, Japan


“I now know with certainty that I have gained in ways that WILL IMPACT MY LIFE FOREVER. There’s no going back...and no more excuses remain. I can now go forward with LOVE AND GRATITUDE and do what I would love to do. The process allowed me to experience an overpowering feeling of relief, gratitude and love”...Patty Shea, Nurse, Connecticut. USA 


“Breakthrough is an inspiring experience that truly allows people to break through the mental and emotional blocks that stand in the way of them having what they want in their life. Dr. Nadler is an illuminating teacher. I experienced a true Breakthrough in my life and witnessed RADIANT TRANSFORMATION of the other attendees. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow.”...Barbara Nicholson, Jewelry Designer, Ohio, USA


 "The Breakthrough Experience allowed me to become more in touch with my ‘higher self’ helping me TO SEE THE TRUE MAGNIFICENCE that surrounds me and in fact... IS ME! I give my thanks to Dr. Nadler for her guidance through the process.” ...Dr. Richard G. Volgraf, Chiropractor, Pennsylvania, USA





Where Science and Philosophy meet in a practical way with profound reproducible tools to transform your life

 This is the age of breakthroughs where extraordinary leaps in science, technology and understanding have vastly elevated the quality of life. The Breakthrough Experience is such a breakthrough....a breakthrough in what is possible...a breakthrough in living. The Breakthrough Experience is a means of gaining insight into fundamental principles that shape and govern your life...the very structures that determine your thinking, your actions, your values, the kind of person that you can be.


The Breakthrough Experience provides direct access to your Source of accomplishment, of fulfillment, of self-expression. With this access, you are able to shape your own inspired actions, your performance, and your results. The impact is like putting your hands directly on the controls that govern your effectiveness, your creativity, your vitality and the satisfaction you take in being alive.
In the Breakthrough Experience, you get to the heart of who you are. You examine the basis of your true identity, your false personalities, your formulas for living, relating and achieving. Based on Dr. John F. Demartini’s original concepts and models of thinking, the Breakthrough Experience challenges old assumptions and offers new paradigms for living. It is designed to bring about a fundamental shift in what is possible in your life. This shift is the single most powerful attribute of the Breakthrough Experience.
The Breakthrough Experience expands your effectiveness and deepens your satisfaction in the most basic areas of life. You will discover that you can breakthrough the confines of even the best conventional thinking, opinions and theory. You are able to leave the past in a loving past, to step beyond the limits of your false identities, and to move into a future mapped by what is possible, not just by what has been. You create an environment, in which risk and change are greeted as opportunities rather than as problems, as you gain powerful tools for resolving crisis and breakdowns gracefully, swiftly and with ease.
The Breakthrough Experience helps you achieve a marked increase in productivity and in the quality of your results. It provides new tools for effecting significant and lasting change. You gain a real clarity about your purpose, your commitments, priorities and values. In accessing the roots of your own power and spirit, you find yourself expressing authentic creative action. Once you have been introduced to this new dimension of possibility of thinking and living, you have access to the ongoing ability to generate breakthroughs in every area of your life.


If you are already successful, there is a new freedom and spontaneity in your actions, along with an appreciation for what it takes to shape and direct the course of your life.
If you are already healthy, there is an enhanced sense of vitality and spirit, along with a greater experience of your worth, your contribution to others, and of the difference you make.
If you are already committed, there is a new depth of appreciation for people, along with a deeper understanding of what’s needed to have key relationships work.
If you are already accomplished, there is an expanded productivity, a heightened performance and a profound satisfaction in accomplishing what had seemed impossible before.
If you are already knowledgeable, there is an increased clarity and insight that allows for wiser choices, for greater certainty, for increased effectiveness, and for originality of thought...raising standards of performance, autonomy and creativity across the board.


Although the Breakthrough Experience is designed so that the benefits are available to all participants, the results are tailored to the specific issues and concerns of each individual. As for most participants you will probably walk away from The Breakthrough Experience thinking that this was truly one of the most valued and rewarding experiences of your life. Come along on this magical, mystical journey...



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"Be Extraordinary. Be Brilliant.  Be YOU.  It's Time."
.. Dr. Denise Ariahna Nadler
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